Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of John Dewey High School will provide instructional, organizational and social/emotional practices that will result in academic success.

1) College Preparatory Instructional Program – This program begins in ninth grade and is based on an inquiry approach to curriculum and instruction.

2) Distributed Counseling – Distributed counseling means all members of the school community have a role in making it a caring, safe and supportive learning environment in which no student “falls through the cracks.”

3) Dedicated Team of Teachers and Counselors – Students work with a consistent team of teachers and a counselor which personalizes the school environment, creates strong, long-term connections between students and teachers, and ensures that a support network is built for all students.

4) Continuous Professional Development – Teachers’, counselors’ and school leaders’ knowledge is strengthened by onsite, job-embedded coaching, CPT Tutoring, and offsite institutes.
Professional development is designed to help schools develop standards of professional practice, build capacity as a professional community, and develop a sense of collective responsibility for student and school outcomes.

5) Parent Involvement – Parents are encouraged to participate in their children’s education by being in contact with teachers and counselors and by participating in our Parent Association.