The Law Academy

The Law Institute at John Dewey High School will be an outstanding opportunity for any student interested studying law and American history. Students will have the opportunity to look at the struggle for human rights and justice in both world and United States history. Program electives will focus on the legal and criminal justice system looking to attract students motivated by a desire to more about this field and to prepare for higher education.  Through our affiliation with the Justice Resource Center students will have the opportunity to visit criminal and juvenile court, work with lawyers and politicians, and participate in moot court, mock trial and Model UN competitions throughout the city; students will also have the opportunity to take part in NYU’s High School Law Institute (HSLI).

Law Academy - We want you to join student council
Law Academy – We want you to join student council. Mandatory Meeting Tuesday 9/18 @ 3:00 pm in school library.


Social Studies – Edition 1 – Volume 2