Supporting our Immigrant Students & Families


Dear Principals,

I hope you’re enjoying the summer.

You may have heard the reports that the federal government is intending to initiate ICE raids in New York City and nationwide this Sunday, July 14. As the Chancellor has already said in his June 25 letter, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of our immigrant parents and students to be active, valued participants in our school system. In the current federal climate, it is crucial that we reassure parents and students that they are safe in our schools at all times, including over the summer. Please share the current Chancellor’s letter to students and families and one-pagers reminding families of our commitment to them and of the policies that we have put in place to protect immigrant parents and students. We also ask that you review the Protocols for Non-Local Law Enforcement document and familiarize yourself and your team with the protocol for if an ICE agent does attempt to enter a school. We appreciate your commitment to all families, regardless of immigration status.

Thank you.


Cheryl Watson-Harris

First Deputy Chancellor