Michael Colon


Michael Colon, Chef Instructor
Career Technical Educator with a permanent license in Chef Instruction from the State University of New York, Education Department

Dear family members and students,

I am a dedicated and skilled educator, inspiring and teaching the “whole child” in preparation for college and career readiness. I have a total of 18 years of teaching experience and working in the culinary industry as a pastry chef in some of New York’s finest hotels and restaurants. Over the course of my career, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with diverse and challenging student populations who were able to develop effective culinary skills for their future. This has allowed me to educate all types of learners ranging from those with special needs to advanced placement student groups. I pride myself on my excellent classroom management and creative application of differentiated and cooperative learning that fosters an environment in which students acquire positive self-esteem and necessary skill sets.


Michael Colon

Chef Instructor 
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