Yiping Wang

Yiping Wang has been working for the New York City School system. She is certified in English as a Second Language and Mandarin as a Foreign Language. Yiping is teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and Chinese as a Native Language at John Dewey High School. She also teaches English as a Second Language for Title III Saturday Academy.

Yiping was born and raised in Shanghai, China. She got her Bachelor degree from Shanghai University of Electric Power, China and her Master degree from New York University, USA.  Yiping is bilingual in both Chinese Mandarin and English. In addition, she holds the Advanced Interpretation Certificate and she has the passion to improve the school’s cultural competence by offering her cultural perspectives and suggestions to others.

Yiping is happy to work with her colleagues and students’ parents about the student’s progress and aspirations and she can be approached via email at ywang14@schools.nyc.gov. She usually does parent outreach every Tuesday and communicates with students via pupil path message.