Keith Conrade

I have been at JDHS for one year now teaching Health and acting as Dean and wrestling coach

JDHS has been the most enjoyable and rewarding time in my 16 year teaching experience with the NYC DOE.  I am a certified Teacher of Health and also continue to serve the school as a Dean.  I have been a Dean with New York City for over 14 years now and enjoy trying to help our young scholars alter their choices and navigate through this important time in their lives.  Additionally, I have had the honor to continue my wrestling coaching career here at JDHS.  I have been a coach for 12 years and I am a nationally certified Bronze level wrestling coach through USA Wrestling.  I also coach Girls Freestyle wrestling at CSIM on Staten Island during the spring season.  I grew up on Long Island , where I graduated from and wrestled for The Chaminade High School in 1992.  I received both my Bachelors and Masters degrees from L.I.U. C.W. Post in Health Education and Earth Science Education respectively.

I have two beautiful children ; Ava age 11 and Logan age 7.  My wife Sandy, yes like the super storm, and I moved to the Jersey Shore 11 years ago and that is where we continue to raise our family.


Parents and students should feel free to contact me via email at or telephone at 718-373-6400 ext 1671.