John Dewey H.S. Campaign for” Kindness Week” and “No one Eats Alone Day”

John Dewey students and staff are always thinking out of the box and always trying to improve their community and their school. So instead of having just one day to let students know that we are a community, and here for each other we made that one day go for five days! No one eats alone is a city wide event. Students are encouraged to come out of their comfort zone and sit with someone at lunch who is alone. Here at our school we encouraged our students all week long. Monday we asked everyone to wave to someone they did not know. Tuesday we asked them to say hello. Wednesday was smile at ten people. Thursday ask someone you don’t know how their day is going? Friday was no one eats alone. Ms. Horn along with two of her classes made posters and sat in the lunchroom for all the lunch periods and made sure no one ate alone. Here are some pictures from the week.

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