Respect for All Week

Respect for all week has come to an end.  The staff and students did an amazing job. Every day was different events, lessons, music and our school came together as a community. John Dewey HS has a zero tolerance when it comes to bullying or treating people unfairly. Here are more pictures. We are happy to say over 40 students won gifts in our Campaign for Kindness contest. Thank you to all who participated.

Monday, February, 11th – Blue for Anti Bullying

 Our students and staff wore blue to let everyone know JDHS does not condone bullying in any way. We will be doing different events, lessons and games each day, check out our web page each day!

Tuesday, February, 12th – Purple for Kindness

Staff and students wearing purple to show their support.  Shout outs to Safe Horizons who came in and did presentations in our classes. Their presentations touched on domestic abuse. They were very informative. Thank you to everyone who participated today.


Wednesday, February, 13th – Orange for Respect

Thursday, February, 14th – Red for Love

Friday, February, 15th

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