Respect for All Week 2017!

J.D.H.S. Students, staff and parents participated in respect for all week.
Each day students and staff were asked to wear a certain color that had a very special meaning. It was a week of pledges, photo booths, special programs and assemblies. It was a week to learn and reflect on how we could all make a difference. At the end of the week students and staff assembled at our statue on our grounds for “Hands across Dewey” Students and staff held up signs and made a friendship circle around the statue. Arms and hands were held in unity!

February 13 – Yellow (Friendship)
February 14 –
Red (Love)
February 15th –
Pink (Support & Tolerance)
February 16 –
Blue (Respect)
February 17-
Purple (Anti-bullying)
We would like to thank all our staff, students and parents for participating.
Together we can make a difference!
Here are a few pictures.