Respect for All Week 2020

The week of February 10th was Respect for All Week. It was a fun and meaningful week. Students and staff were asked to wear different colors each day, signifying different meanings. 

Monday was PURPLE for anti-bullying.

Tuesday was BLUE for being a true friend.

Wednesday was PINK for kindness.

Thursday was GREEN for respect for the environment and yourself.

Friday was RED for love.

Students were given raffle tickets when they were caught practicing random acts of kindness.

Beautiful gift baskets were made by different offices and departments and there was a special, Dewey basket from our principal Ms. Hamilton. 29 students won baskets for their random acts of kindness. There were special programs and informational tables during lunch all week. On Friday it was No Child Eats Alone and Ms. Horn and her senior students stayed in the lunchroom all day. They sat with other students and made everyone feel right at home.

Thank you to all who participated and a special thanks to Ms. Doyle.

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