Student Instructional Orientation

JDHS – Student Instructional Orientation

Welcome back! Hope you all had a safe, enjoyable and restful summer. As we get ready to begin a school year like no other please know that as always our commitment to supporting you throughout this year is a priority.  Whether in person or virtual we are finding ways to remain connected to our families.  We look forward to next week’s Virtual Orientation which will take place on September 16th, 17th, and 18th,  2020. These days have been put in place as an opportunity for your child to get oriented with their google classrooms, meet their teachers,  classmates and participate in activities to foster relationships,  community building  and resilience. Below is a snapshot of what to expect on those days:

 Day 1:  September 16th, 2020 

When should you show up?Who will you be meetingWhat to expect 


Your 1st Period teacher

Your 2nd Period teacher

Your 3rd Period teacher
On Day 1, your child will
meet their teachers from periods 1, 2 and 3.
Educators will begin with
a “getting to know you”
ice breaker activity and
then engage in discussion
and personal reflection
about the previous school year.

Day 2: September 17th. 2020

Who will you be meeting?Who will you be meeting?What to expect 


Your 4th Period teacher

Your 5th Period teacher

Your 6th Period teacher
On Day 2,  students
will meet their teachers
from periods 4, 5 and .
Educators will continue
activities that include
but are not limited to
fostering relationships,
community building and resilience.

Day 3: September 18th, 2020

When should you show up?Who will you be meetingWhat to expect 


Your 7th Period teacher

Your 8th Period teacher

Club Sign Up
On day 3, students
will meet their teacher
from period 7th and
8th period. Educators
will create a time and
space for students
and staff to reflect on
their day together.

Please be on the lookout for: 

  • Your child’s schedule by Tuesday September 15, 2020 via PupilPath. 
  • Invitations from teachers inviting them to their google classrooms. Where your child has opted for remote learning or hybrid/blended learning your child’s classes will function on google classrooms and they will need daily access to this platform to participate in their classes. 

In efforts to support our families and their needs the following supports will be in place  on the days of our orientations.

  • Technology Team Support 
  • Parent Access to skedula 
  • Questions for Family Coordinator
  • Crisis and Trauma Support 
  • Club Informational Sign Up

Please note Links and times for these supports are forthcoming.  We look forward to greeting your child for a successful reopening.