Research Project Article – Pandemic’s Effect on the Mental Well-being of John Dewey High School Students

Research Project Article

The COVID-19 pandemic was a global trauma. It affected many students in countless ways. One main group that was affected by the pandemic was high school adolescents through a decreasing quality of mental health. Mental health is a state of knowing your own abilities. It can be affected by everyday things including school, work or even daily chores. Mental health is a serious issue for all individuals because it can
affect your social and emotional well being.

Throughout the pandemic, one’s livelihood is determined by the status of their mental health. Being aware of this status and well-being allows for improved coping abilities and an increased understanding of their situation. Seeking proper guidance during these times is especially pivotal. Moreover, the research of teens’ mental health allows
parents, teachers, and others to better understand and sympathize with many of the teens during this shifting and changing time. This enables adults to understand and effectively find the solutions to help teens cope with their mental issues. Becoming aware is essential, even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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