The Immigrant Advocacy Hub

Being an immigrant in a new country is not easy. If you are undocumented, you may fear acting on your own or struggle with accessing the resources and information you need.

The hub was created to help all students succeed in graduating high school and attending college, regardless of their immigration status.  

It is important that our immigrant population at John Dewey High School knows their rights and is aware of the tools that are available for them to advocate for themselves. 

We want to see you graduate high school, have a meaningful college and career experience, and succeed.

Use this website to help in what you need to know, what you need to do, and the resources available to help you. It will continue to be updated as more resources and information become made available. Please refer back to the hub whenever you need to access important information.

Information Available in the Hub:

Your Rights: Your legal rights as well as the resources available to you as an undocumented immigrant in the United States. 

Personal Finance: Resources to help you manage your money and personal finances for college and career.

Community Resources: Information on locations in your local community that provide assistance with food, clothing, and other essential resources. 

College: Requirements to attend college as well as the services and programs available to undocumented students.

Other Resources: Information on creating a resume, obtaining working papers, scholarships, people who can help, and more!

You may also want to see the resources available for all of our ENL students in the “ENL Office” Google Classroom Page which is updated regularly.



With Love, 

The ENL Department & the rest of the JDHS Community