Mr. Ehlenbach

This is Mr. Ehlenbach's 7th year teaching social studies at John Dewey High School.
For the 2023-2024 academic year, he is teaching three sections of United States History and Government (ENL) and two sections of concurrent-enrollment economics through Syracuse University Project Advance (ECN 305: The Economics of Personal Finance).
In this course, English as a New Language (ENL) students will explore the history, geography, government, and culture of the United States. We will focus on developing an understanding of the nation in which we live by focusing on several key moments in the development of the modern United States from pre-Columbian Native American societies to the present day. Students will develop an understanding of this new, strange, complicated, and dynamic country in which we live while also continuing to develop English language proficiency. At the end of the course, students will sit for the New York State Regents examination in United States History and Government.
ECN 305 is a concurrent-enrollment course offered at John Dewey High School through Syracuse University's Project Advance (SUPA) initiative. This course will focus on developing a personal financial acumen for all students and will approach this subject through an economic framework. We will focus on economic decision-making, analyzing risk and risk tolerance, and on making and revising personal financial plans across the life cycle. While students will earn high school credit in Economics to apply toward a New York State Regents diploma, in successfully completing this course, they will also have the opportunity to gain 3 college credits through Syracuse University. These college credits are eligible to be transferred to any college or university (public or private) that accepts transfer credit. In the spring semester, ECN 305 will roll over into Participation in Government to facilitate completion of the requirements in Social Studies for a New York State Regents or Advanced Regents diploma.