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TeachingThe Academy of Teaching and Learning – K56C 


The Academy of Teaching and Learning at J.D.H.S. gives students the opportunity to explore fields in education. This program's 4 year sequence will provide a solid foundation for students who are interested in becoming educators. Students have the ability to take several classes that are focused on pedagogy and a focus on social emotional growth for teaching children. In partnership with Kingsborough Community College students will have the opportunity to earn college credits while taking classes at Kingsborough through their Education Department. 

Ed. Opt. Program





Educators Rising KES2QV


Our mission is to increase youth interest in the pursuit of the teaching profession through activity-based teaching experiences. Teachers are highly skilled professionals, and we believe that through rigorous activities, engaging experiences, and high-quality mentoring we can inspire today’s students to become tomorrow’s teachers. This course will guide students as they practice teaching techniques, grapple with current education and political issues, and navigate their own place in the education system. Taking this time to learn about quality teaching, make friends, and explore a fun & purposeful career will help set students up for success in college and beyond. Educators Rising offers students an opportunity to explore teaching as a career option in a fun and active way to develop transferable skills, such as leadership, organization, and collaboration 

This course is suitable to students who:

  • Enjoy reading to a younger brother, sister, or cousin 
  • Peer-tutor a friend or other student 
  • Enjoy presenting in front of the class 
  • Are inspired by a teacher 
  • Are motivated to help others

Potential College Courses:KCC


BA 60: Introduction to Computer Concepts

SD 10: Introduction to College Planning
SD 11: Career and Life Planning
SD 12: Strategies for College Success

MAT 20: Elements of Statistics