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Ed. Opt. Program


This is an opportunity for students interested in law and exploring the struggle for justice and human rights. Program electives focus on the criminal justice system. Through our affiliation with the Justice Resource Center and Facing History & Ourselves, students visit criminal and juvenile court, work with lawyers such as Kasowitz, Benson and Torres, politicians and participate in moot court, mock trial, and Model UN competitions. Students will also have the opportunity to apply to a variety of law-related internships.

The Academy of Law and Justice provides students with the opportunity to take a variety of exciting and enriching electives.


9th Grade—Introduction to Law

Introduction to both criminal and civil law, understanding cases that are brought to different courts , and learning about different remedies to conclude a case in court.

10th Grade—Criminology and Criminal Justice

Study the criminal justice system and criminology exposing students to different crimes, study theories of why people commit crime, and an in-depth study of the courts.

11th Grade—Constitutional Law, Facing History & Ourselves

Constitutional Law, develop an understanding of legal cases and the foundations of our legal system. Learn trial techniques for mock trials, develop oral advocacy skills by participating in class moot courts and learn to debate legal issues.

12th Grade—Current Legal Issues

Legal research and writing, developing skills needed to be college and career ready, research techniques, examining current legal issues within the US, writing arguments and oral presentations of their research documents.

Mock Trial