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Welcome to the John Dewey High School Science Department. It is our hope and intention that your child will experience various opportunities to learn about all different kinds of science. Whether they want a career in science or not, it is important for students to develop critical thinking skills that science uniquely offers. In addition to core science classes, we also offer science electives in Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Forensics and Advanced Placement classes in all core sciences. We welcome all students from all backgrounds, cultures and languages and consider them a valuable asset in our classes. Science is an opportunity to learn about the world and the importance of learning about all the social issues that we need to consider in order to have a safe, healthy environment for all people. We look forward to supporting your child through our rigorous science courses. 


Marcella Barros, Assistant Principal


Core Classes

Living Environment

Earth Science



Electives: Environmental Science, Forensics, Marine Biology


Advanced Placement Classes

AP Biology

AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science

AP Physics


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