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🌟 Welcome to the World of Inclusive Special Education: Here at John Dewey High School, We Embrace Every Learner's Journey! 🌈


At John Dewey, inclusivity thrives and the boundless potential of every individual is celebrated.  Our dedicated special education teachers work collaboratively with content teachers and administrators to ensure that students with special needs and IEPs can access grade appropriate standards by providing each student with the scaffolds and supports they need.  Our guidance counselors work very closely with students and the Special Education department to ensure that students are on track to graduate with their cohort.  Together, we create a space where everyone is empowered to unlock their unique abilities and talents, irrespective of their learning differences.  Our goal is to provide students with the resources, insights, and community engagement that promotes understanding but also sparks meaningful change in the lives of individuals with special needs.


There is an array of services available to support your child in his or her least restrictive environment. We offer SETTS, ICT and Self Contained programs as recommended on the  Individualized Education Program (IEP) which is a written statement of our plan to provide your child with a Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).

This means that your child will be in classrooms with non-disabled peers for as much of the day as appropriate. This is important because more time with non-disabled peers.


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